FIFA 11+ – What is it?

The FIFA 11+ program was developed in 2003 by FIFA’s Medical Assessment and Research Centre. It has been implemented in several European countries, where it has been shown to significantly reduce injuries among soccer players aged 14 and over. It has been proven to reduce knee and ankle injuries by up to 43% over the course of one season.

The program consists of a series of running, strengthening, balance and ploymetric exercises aimed at strengthening the core and leg muscles, and improving neuromuscular control, coordination, balance, agility and jump technique. The full suite of exercises takes approximately 20 minutes and is intended to be performed twice a week, as a standard warm-up, at the start of each training session or practice. Prior to games, a condensed version is performed.

As part of the partnership, FIFA will provide detailed training on the FIFA 11+ program to Canada Soccer coaches, who will then implement the program in community soccer clubs across the country. Training will reiterate the importance of proper technique during each exercise and making the safe transition from one level of exercise to another.

For more informaiton about the program visit http://f-marc.com/11plus/home/ or contact us to implemet the program with your team.